Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What. the. hell.

When I got home today I found my little brother in my room....

But that's not what made me incredibility angry, it was that he was scribbling all over my drawings! My portfolio for college, ruined! Then he goes ahead and tries to say a tall guy made him do it! That little snot, I know he did that on purpose. Hopefully I will be able to draw some new and more improved pictures of the ones that were lost when he did this...though that will take forever and a day. Jeez.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back from school.

Just an update, even though I already updated this today.

School was fine, average day, 'cept I kept falling asleep in English.

And someone keeps braking into my gym locker at school, damned pot-high freshman I guess with nothing better to do.

Until next time, Naxxi.

(AKA Allison)

Can't believe this...

My doctor is requesting me to start a journal, because he is 'concerned' about me ever since my grandmother died.

Whatever, I suppose I'll introduce myself. I'm Allison Redmond, obviously female by the name. I currently live in the hot hell hole, otherly known as... Arizona. I'm fifteen going on sixteen this oncoming August 28th.  I am a sophomore in high school at the moment.

I shall be posting in this, every day or week....can't remember what he said. Oh well, if anyone is insane in the world, its that man.

I guess this is the end of my first post ever?

Such a boring start for such a boring journal, eh?